Criminal Zodiac Sign

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criminal zodiac sign

A criminal Zodiac sign can be one of many different types. These individuals tend to have their own traits, such as being particularly hot-tempered, extroverted, and stubborn. They are also known for their extreme desire to get attention, and committing crimes is a way for them to do this.

Among all of the Zodiac signs, the Cancers are the most notorious and dangerous criminals. They are often armed and highly sophisticated. Geminis are notorious for cheating, and Aquarians are notorious for revenge-like crimes. The other zodiac signs that are considered to be notorious for their criminal behavior are Taurus and Virgo. Pisces and Scorpios are also notorious for their violent tendencies, and Cancer is considered the most violent of all zodiac signs.

Capricorns are more versatile than other zodiac signs, and are also more likely to be involved in organised crime. They may not necessarily be the main perpetrators of crimes, but they will hire others to do the dirty work. Capricorns may be good at manipulating people and deceiving them, but they may be less effective at it than other signs.

Aries is also a notorious criminal. zodiac sign criminals are often hired gunmen and have a tendency to be stubborn. They tend to have a love of weapons and are also notorious for their violence. Taurus is an excellent thief, and most criminals born under this sign are armed.

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